Snapchat ‘Stories Everywhere’ feature: embed Stories on third-party platforms like Twitter

A new report which appeared on Cheddar reveals that Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., is set to take a shot by publishing its content beyond its app: a new feature called “Stories Everywhere” will extend its popular Stories feature and allow users to share Stories on the web and other apps.

Cheddar describes Snapchat’s Stories Everywhere feature like that of Twitter which allows content publishers to embed tweets across third-party websites. Snap major aim is for users to easily create Stories and make them available on the web which tend to encourage people who are not on Snapchat to sign up and download the app thereby increasing their user base.

Also, the report gave further insight that the web player would cause users to sign up for Snapchat, which is a pointer to Snap’s efforts to bring in new users and please investors which are not completely sure.

Snapchat’s Stories feature have been copied by Facebook and Instagram, they are yet to offer embedded stories on other platforms, meaning that Stories Everywhere might be a game changer for Snapchat. Obviously, this could also be quickly copied by Facebook.

To help expand Stories, Cheddar reports that Snap has employed Rahul Chopra, who will lead the project, being the former Senior Vice President and Global Head of Video at News Corp. and as well served as CEO of Storyful – a social news aggregation service. Users who are anticipating Stories Everywhere have to wait as the feature is in the “early stages of development”.

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