The end of the road for Google Pixel C Android tablet, not sold anymore on Google Store

You won’t be blamed if you have long forgotten about Pixel C Android tablet, a device launched by Google in late 2015 and accessible to users through its online store. Anyways, as Android Police notes, the tablet is no longer available on Google’s online store for users to buy, the tablet category is removed and the URL that formerly points to it redirects to the Pixelbook – their latest.

Google spoke concerning the Pixel C:

As is common when a device has been out for a few years, we’re now retiring Pixel C and it is no longer available for sale. However, we are committed to updating and supporting it, including the recent update to Android 8.0, so customers can continue to get the best out of their device. Our newly launched Google Pixelbook combines the best parts of a laptop and a tablet for those looking for a versatile device.

The 32GB variant of the Pixel C went out of sales much earlier than the 64GB version in the U.S., although the latter is out of stock for some time now. Also, Google’s Store in the U.K. is looking at getting rid of the tablet in their inventory as discount was offered.

In the meantime, starting today, when you visit Google Store page, you will find out that the website menu has been reordered and simply has “Laptops”.

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