Nigerian Communication Satellite launches Direct-to-Home Services, now competing with DStv & TStv

Nigerian Communication Satellite (NigComSat) Limited is starting the year 2018 with a ground breaking strategy as they join hands with China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) to launch what they call Direct-to-Home (DTH) services in Abuja, Nigeria.

For better understanding of DTH services, it’s simply transmitting TV signals of programmes which are aired in KU band directly to a subscriber’s residence with the help of a satellite system.

Mr. Adamu Idris, Head, Public Affairs Department of NigComSat expressed that OVY Network, a startup based in Botswana, is NigComSat first commercial customer and they were able to broadcast their programmes which was only possible using DTH service.

“The NigComSat DTH system is capable of providing commercial broadcasting services to Nigeria and all countries within its coverage, from Senegal in the West to Namibia in the South,” Adamu said.

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