Mesh Wi-Fi startup Eero dismisses 30 staff

A report which appeared on TechCrunch conveys that a mesh startup Eero has dismissed 30 of its staff (roughly 20 percent of its workers). Although the router innovation company refused to comment on giving a figure of its entire workforce, they affirmed that 30 employees were dismissed.

In a statement to TechCrunch, an Eero Representative said:

Our goal is to provide perfect WiFi in every home. Over the past year we explored several related projects, and we’ve now made the tough decision to eliminate one new project in favor of greater focus on our core business. We do not take this lightly, and unfortunately this shift means about 30 colleagues will no longer be working at eero. We will continue our work to make eero the most reliable, secure, and easiest home WiFi solution.

A blog post by The Verge in June 2017 says:

Eero kicked off an arms race of router innovation when it launched the first mesh Wi-Fi system last year. It seems like everyone is making mesh Wi-Fi systems now: Google has one. Samsung has one. There are new mesh startups like Plume and Lumo. Established players like Netgear and Linksys are in the game, one-upping each other with specs and features because one-upping each other with specs and features is their fundamental purpose on this planet.

We just hope they are able to stand the competition because being at the top comes with a responsibility and total dedication unwavering.

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