Goodbye to Facebook personal assistant “M”, now in shut down phase

There were days when people went gaga for Facebook M, the virtual assistant which helped humans train A.I systems but now is not the time to revive such memories as they are shutting down the service on January 19th.

Facebook personal assistant M was first introduced in August 2015, but continued to be in the private beta since its inception. This means only few persons got to use it as its availability to the public was limited. Facebook M had promising features when it was launched. Amazon echo was just coming into the market and Google Assistant was nowhere in sight.

Facebook described M as an ‘experiment’.  A statement by the company says:

 We launched this project to learn what people needed and expected of an assistant, and we learned a lot, we’re taking these useful insights to power other AI projects at Facebook. We continue to be very pleased with the performance of M suggestions in Messenger, powered by our learnings from this experiment.

facebook m

Facebook learnt a lot from M as it taught them about some tasks that people engage their virtual assistant to help bring to completion. All we can say is: goodbye M.

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