Google+ for Android has a brand new version rolling out soon

Not many people use Google+ nowadays due to social networks like Facebook and Twitter but that doesn’t mean its creators have given up on it as they continuously improve the platform. Although, several people have stopped using the service, you can follow NextBigGadgets on Google+.

According to a post by Leo Deegan, Google will soon roll out a new version of the Google+ app for Android smartphones. Leo says that the new version is “a complete rewrite of many core features using Google’s latest Android app infrastructure” although it is worth noting that it “closely resembles the current app.”

Here are changes to expect as Leo metions them:

During the rewrite, we were able to build in some subtle updates. For instance, stream rendering and scrolling have been improved, the photo lightbox has been redesigned, comment options slide up from a bottom sheet, and grey-spammed comments are now viewable by post authors.

Since this is a rewrite, there are a few known issues that we’re working through. For instance, leaving a comment on a post causes a full refresh of the post to include your comment. Take it for a spin if you get the chance, and we hope you don’t mind the dust.

Lets see how this goes.

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