IoT News Roundup For The Week – March 23, 2018

Here is an interesting Internet of Things (IoT) News roundup for the week.

IoT security has always been a headache for businesses and consumers, upto $1.5 billion will been spent in 2018 because of it

The Hackers ‘next door’ won’t just stop making life a miserable one for individuals and investors in IoT sector. We will like to see a day come when cyberattacks will stop, the world will become a better place and we all can live happily ever after. That aside, a report by Gartner reveals that money spent on IoT security across the world will increase to $1.5 billion in 2018. Most company who utilize IoT devices have being a victim of exploits carried out in the past three years by hackers. (Read: ZDNet)

IBM is bringing Watson Assistant to help enterprises to reinforce their brand and secure data

IBM Watson Assistant has been announced in IBM Think 2018 conference held in Las Vegas. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant relatively new to the market that can be deployed to help businesses “enhance brand loyalty and transform their customer experiences by delivering proactive and personalized services while ensuring data privacy”. (Read: NetworkWorld)

Not everybody knows how AI and IoT will interact, why not find out

You must have heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT and how they are being used to shape different industries. Both technologies are evolving and can be combined through a unified platform to bring what individuals and businesses yearn for.
(Read: IoT Agenda)

Tata Power Unveils IoT Based Asset Tracking Solution

Tata Power has unveiled an IoT based asset tracking and automation solutions which is enabled by Tata Communications.
Ashok Sethi, COO and Executive Director of Tata Power, said, “We, at Tata Power, have always ensured that we are the lead adopters of technology. The asset tracking solution will enable Tata Power to improve its operational efficiency through tracking real-time movement of assets.”
(Read: IoT Evolution)

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