How to enable the new Gmail to start exploring the features

If you haven’t heard or not been following tech news recently I am going to break it to you, Google has redesigned how Gmail looks. The new update has a lot of new features including confidential mode – a security feature which enables you to add two-factor authentication, you can set the date you want individuals email to expire; what can be cooler than that.

Gmail Snooze feature

The revamp also comes with a functionality called Snooze which when activated will alert / remind you to deal with a particular email either “later today,” “tomorrow,”  “this weekend,”  “next week,” or “someday.”  There is an option to choose a customized time or date that suites you by selecting “pick date & time.” When using the new Gmail on your device (i.e. laptop, desktop) and you hover a mail in your inbox, snooze appears alongside actions like archive, delete, and mark as read.

How to enable the new Gmail to start exploring the features

Simple, go to your Gmail account on your web browser, click the gear icon in the top right corner. If your account has received the update you will see an option “Try the new Gmail” appear first in the dropdown list, go ahead and select it. Google is yet to make the new Gmail default for users but as time goes on the changes will be effected.

switch to new gmail 2018


Not to forget, you can revert to how your Gmail used to look like if you are not ready to start using the new Gmail by clicking the gear icon and selecting “Go back to classic Gmail.”


switch back to classic gmail


What do you think about Google’s redesign of Gmail? Over to you.

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