Unbelievable: ‘Meghan Markle’ beats Bitcoin & Facebook as one of the most read article on Wikipedia in 2017

Sorry to announce but not everything is about bitcoin for online readers. The 2017 edition of the annual ‘Top 50 Report’ of Wikipedia proves that more people were interested to read about Megan Markle news than Bitcoins or Facebook.

Megan Markle is more popular than Bitcoin and Facebook on Wikipedia. Megan Markle’s article received a total of over 16 million views thereby taking the 5th spot on the list, Bitcoin got 15 million views taking 9th while Facebook  received  over 11 million views and secured the 25th position. When you calculate the difference in the number of views, Megan Markle got a million view more than Bitcoins and 5 million views more than Facebook.

wikipedia top 50 report

wikipedia top 50 report facebook takes 25th position

We believe that Megan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry made everyone start following her news, anyways she won Bitcoin and Facebook on Wikipedia at the end of the day .

prince harry engages meghan markle

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