Moving from paper to digital: scan your business cards to contacts with Adobe Scan Android app

How many of you want to continue carrying your business cards about when your smartphone can help out when the opportunity arises. Everything is becoming digital nowadays and business cards are not left out. As more people use mobile phones daily, there is a need to digitize business cards rather than sticking to the old fashioned paper we all know. If you have been looking for a way to go paperless, Adobe Scan app for Android can help you scan your business card and save it to your contacts.

As reported by VentureBeat, the latest version of Adobe Scan for Android smartphones “adds a one-touch button that saves business card info to a contact list.”

Adobe further gives VentureBeat an in-depth hands on.

Once Adobe Scan recognizes a business card, it presents a Save Contact button. Tapping on it adds the person’s name, company, phone number, email address, and image to your contacts […]

Adobe Scan taps the heterogeneous compute capabilities of both Android and iOS devices to remove unwanted objects from the scan, like fingers, and uses heuristics models to identify fields like email addresses with 99 percent accuracy. In the rare instances it doesn’t get a name or number right, it offers machine learning-powered suggestions.

Lisa Croft, group product marketing manager at Adobe Document Cloud said that “There’s still a big challenge with paper to digital, paper still remains in over 80 percent of digital processes. We’re helping enable customers to act on [those] processes whenever the opportunity arises.”

Akhil Chugh, product manager at Adobe, reveals that Executives “are always on the move from one meeting to another. They don’t want to carry business cards around — they want to quickly archive them and digitize them.”

What do you think about digitizing your business cards? Over to you.

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