Firefox is redesigning logo to something new, but I don’t know if I will ever like it

For most of us that have been using Firebox browser for a long time now, we can testify that the logo has been changing – although not frequent but it did change.

We used to know it as this:

firefox logo

And later the company came up with this below:

firefox logo

Now, they are it again! Something new, how many of us are ready? I present to you “Evolving the Firefox brand”, a blog post that reveals the new design system going to be used and reasons why the change.

Mozilla Creative Director, Tim Murray coveys the company’s position on the development.

As an icon, that fast fox with a flaming tail doesn’t offer enough design tools to represent this entire product family. Recoloring that logo or dissecting the fox could only take us so far. We needed to start from a new place.

The logo design is divided into two “likely to be adopted systems,” each comprising of one “Major brand logo” and 11 additional logos. The majorbrand would stand as the primary logo representing the brand, while the additional logos will represent individual product.

Here is the two new potential “Systems” design:

firefox logo system 1

firefox logo system 2

Honestly, i don’t know which one to choose – maybe, i am being indecisive. I would say that i love the existing logo but anyways, the System 1 wouldn’t be a bad choice as it looks a bit different.

Which of the new potential Firefox logo would you choose? What do you think about the redesign? Over to you. Make use of the comment box below.

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