Google data-saving app Datally has two new features you will like – ‘Bedtime mode’ and ‘Emergency bank’

Not everyone can boldly beat their chest and confess that they have an unlimited data plan on their mobile phone. While most users try their best to make the most out of their data, sometimes, it isn’t just enough and that is why Datally was launched by Google – to help manage mobile data usage. It has been around for quite a while with the name ‘Triangle’ before the company decided to change the name to ‘Datally’.

Datally has introduced two new features in the latest updated version 1.6 of the app. The tools added are Bedtime mode and Emergency bank. While the former will help users save more of their data while asleep, the latter will help them reserve some in case they run out.

To start using the Bedtime mode on your Android phone, open the Datally app and tap Bedtime mode. You can set a start time by simply tapping an analog clock and an end time by tapping the digital clock. There is also an option to pause the Bedtime mode.

Download v1.6 update through  APK Mirror If it is yet to be available in Play Store.

Featured image credit: AndroidPolice

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