MTN Nigeria in partnership with Sky and Space (SAS) to test advanced IoT Network in the country

MTN Nigeria has taken a bold step by going into partnership agreement with Sky and Space Global Ltd (SAS) to bring Nigeria closer to the Internet of Things world as they have decided to test an IoT network for connected things in the country.

It is worth mentioning that the Sky and Space Global Ltd (SAS) is a company based in the United Kingdom.

The SAS narrowband satellite communications network will also tested. The coming together of MTN Nigeria and Sky and Space Global Ltd to carry out the test will help them to examine the likelihood of their success in the IoT market and narrow-band applications. If everything works out well, it may lead to a business agreement.

Meir Moalem, SAS’s chief executive, in a statement said that “There is a clear need to provide the many underserved populations with access to affordable and reliable telecommunications services. Our nano-satellite technology offers regional telecom operators a revolutionary and cost-effective satellite alternative.”

Featured image credit: iStock/metamorworks
News via: TechCity

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