How to track stolen Android phone in Nigeria

If your android phone has ever been stolen before, then this is just the guide you need. Here is how to track your stolen android phone in Nigeria.

The Backstory

About 8 months ago, my Infinix Hot 4 lite got stolen in a church in Lagos. 3 months after that, i got beaten and robbed by a group of boys and so my 1 month old Tecno camon X pro followed suit. 2 phones in the space of 5 months. My Lord! I thought someone had sworn for me from my village.

Then one day over the phone, my mum recounted to me a tale of how police tracked a stolen phone to her compound over at Abuja, after which she nudged me to visit the Police station and initiate the process. It was on that note that i decided to write this post. Now to the good stuff…

How to track, find and recover your stolen android phone in Nigeria.

There are 3 distinct methods to track your stolen android phone you can use in Nigeria and these are through dedicated tracking android apps on the Playstore, the Google Find My Device feature or via the phone’s IMEI number. Let’s delve into them one after the other.

1. Dedicated phone tracking android apps.

A few good apps exist on the Google Playstore that can aid you track and recover your stolen android phone. Now I say ‘a few good apps’ because frankly speaking, majority of them are just terrible. I remember attempting one a while ago and it was hands down, totally useless.

With these phone tracking android apps, you can actually get the exact map and satellite location of where your smartphone is or has been. Probably the most interesting feature is that some of these apps even allow you to remotely ring out your device even if it is on silent.

This can especially come in handy if you’ve narrowed your stolen phone say, to a radius but you need further confirmation as to who in particular is in possession of it.

What’s more? You can further go ahead to remotely wipe your stolen android phone at the click of a button as a tactic of last resort (i think this is a useless feature though. I mean, what’s the point? If you wipe the phone, they’d simply just add new files wouldn’t they? How does that solve anything?).

One more thing you should know however is that using these apps to fins your phone is only possible if you had previously installed them on your phone before it got stolen. (i know some of you might have hissed in annoyance on hearing that.)

If this method works for you, here are a few of such apps we found that actually may just be worth your time.

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2. Google Find My Device

Formerly known as Android Device Manager, this Google product helps you track your stolen android phone in Nigeria or any other country. But just like in the case of the tracking apps, Google Find My Device has a few conditions under which it can operate efficiently for you.

As long as your phone is connected to a Google Account, connected to the internet, and is switched on, you can find your stolen Android phone, otherwise, forget it.

A few of the extra functionality you can get from using this service is that you will be able to locate places where your device has been, erase your data, lock your device remotely as well as ring your phone so you can better pin point exactly where it is stashed. If this method works for you, checkout Google Find My Device here .

3. How to track your stolen Android phone in Nigeria using IMEI number.

Remember the story my Mum told me about Police nabbing a Phone thief in Abuja? Well, they used something called an IMEI number to track the stolen phone.

An IMEI number is a 15-digit code which simply means International Mobile Equipment Identity and is used to identify phones. You can find your IMEI number on the carton of a brand new smartphone but when without, all you have to do is dial *#06# on the keypad and hit the call

The equipment used to track stolen phones via this method is rather
sophisticated and therefore only available to law enforcement bodies. So if
you’ve never had any reason to pay a visit to your local Olopa before now,
start warming up if you’re to go for this option.

BTW, my Mum had also told me that in the Abuja case, a payment of N25,000 was made to the Police for their services. Vex if you want but these guys would not just track your android phone, but they’d also supply the man power to raid its pinpointed location.

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