Top 4 Blogs That’ll Rekindle Your Love For Internet of Things (IoT)

What Is IoT All About?

You would have likely come across the term “Internet of Things” when surfing the web, reading an article or viewing an advert.

The Internet of Things (often short formed as IoT) is all about connecting devices which have an “on or off switch” to the internet so that they can communicate with each other and to us.

These IoT devices include thermostats, doorbells, cars, lights, televisions, coffee makers, watches, security cameras, baby monitors, refrigerators and other appliances not mentioned here. The framework behind this technology is unique, growing rapidly and designed to make life easier.

Today, there are so many applications of IoT. We have smart lights which feature an in-built Wi-Fi connectivity to help us control it remotely or change between colors.

Smart watches are on the rise in the market and go beyond telling time by incorporating functionalities such as text messaging, phone calls, fitness tracking etc.

This article will not dive into all the applications of IoT but maybe another post from me will specifically treat the subject better.

Is Internet of Things (IoT) a hype or it’s for real?

Millions of people are connected across the globe but it’s time to connect things – that’s why we find ourselves talking about Internet of Things so much. People say that the Internet of Things is a misnomer.

There are IoT forecasts flying here and there which are so exaggerated in such a way that you don’t know what to believe. To be honest, whether it’s a hype or probably for real depends on who is talking about it and what device is being talked about.

Nowadays, IoT predictions are bringing confusion along with the thousands of reports, opinions and infographics existing out there. To worsen everything there is yet to be an agreed meaning of Internet of Things.

Different organizations keep defining IoT according to their thoughts and standards.

Tired of Internet of Things? Here are the blogs to help you rekindle your love for It.

My top 4 IoT blog list isn’t ordered by highest ranking (i.e. it isn’t ranked). Just accept it the way I choose to start.

Note: everything expressed below is my personal opinion.

#1. ReadWrite

ReadWrite is one of the leading technology media companies which cover intriguing topics such as smart cities, connected devices, health, fintech, AR/VR and APIs. This website is your one stop hub for Internet of Things (IoT) related contents. Their regularly updated blog which boost readers’ productivity makes them outstanding among several related site in the world.

Nowadays, a lot of online publishers tend to focus more on number of page views and time spent on their website by readers but ReadWrite is different, if the post doesn’t add value – it is not from them. It is refreshing to know that they are building a tech company and writing articles that will stand the test of time. If you are still contemplating on where to get the latest news on IoT advancements, visit ReadWrite.


#2. IoT For All

If you want to get fresh, top-notch and impartial reports on Internet of Things & related disciplines, you shouldn’t miss your way to this technology media platform as none can replace it. IoT For All was founded in September 2016 and powered by Leverege.

In today’s world, connected things are on the rise, there has to be a platform that gives an in-depth coverage of the subject and bring everyone together – that’s what IoT For All does!

I love IoT For All. Everything about the blog is unique. Some striking things about the website is the content, design and images which differentiates it from numerous IoT blogs out there. You won’t regret visiting IoT For All.


#3. Postscapes

Postscapes which has been online since 2010 is dedicated to delivering quality news on connected things. Postscapes mission is to frame and filter Internet of Things (IoT) products, services & ecosystems and also facilitate decision-making for businesses and end users in a complex and fragmented marketplace. It is one of the best blogs you can follow to keep yourself informed on IoT.


#4. Stacey on IoT

You will love what Stacey Higginbotham is doing. Her blog has been running for quite a while now. She has good number of followers on her social media handles. You can count on her blog for weekly roundup of events that happened in the connected world. What are you waiting for? Check her blog out!


That’s it for now, next time I will try to cover more.

What do you think about these blogs? Do you think I failed to mention your favorite internet of things blog? Use the comment box below and say your mind.

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