Watch the video and tell me what you think.

Humans differ and so is their approach to how they handle certain things.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold price goes for at least N695,000 in Nigerian Naira, no one will be happy to hear that such amount of cool cash is lost due to the rough handling of the device.

Anyways, Samsung has shown their concern by releasing a video that will be useful to the Galaxy Fold users.

It’s expected that you do not mount too much pressure on the screen as it is more prone to being damaged than the conventional glass offered. Another useful warning is to keep away metallic objects from it as they can interfere with the magnet can helps the mobile phone to fold.

Note that the Galaxy Fold lacks an IP rating, so a word of advice: keep it far from water and dust.

Do you also have an advice for the Samsung Galaxy Fold users? Use the comment box below to state your mind.

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