Philips unveils 24-inch Android TV to help you in the kitchen and more

Philips just released a 24-inch Android TV intended to spice up your kitchen routine. The device comes with a sleek design and built-in Google Assistant so that you can be hands-free while watching recipes, playing music, viewing TV content etc.

The TV features an HD display, two HDMI ports and runs Android TV, giving users access to 500,000+ movies and shows, and over 5,000 apps from the Google Play Store.

In a press release, the company said the Philips 24-inch Android TV “is one of the first of its kind designed specifically for the kitchen. The Android TV platform and integrated far-field, echo-canceling microphone allows users to access the Google Assistant and watch their favorite YouTube videos.”

The Android TV will help users in following step-by-step guide found on how-to cooking videos and make them enjoy it. The device presents the opportunity to “control the entire viewing experience by voice including volume, pause/play, and rewinding/fast-forwarding. Users can also control compatible smart home devices without ever touching the remote” they further said.

philips android tv remote

Instantaneously get hands-free access to the TV’s entertainment by simply saying “Ok Google”. You can check the weather and traffic before hitting the road with this method.

The Philips Android TV is usable elsewhere outside the kitchen. It can fit in the garage or a spare room for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts who want an interactive TV experience to aid their home projects. The home gym or office is not left out as one makes use of the voice commands capability and stay-focused on the job at hand.

The TV stand is covered with a gray mesh cloth, which also serves as dual-speakers for the device.

The Philips 24” Android TV with the Google Assistant is now available for $299.99 in the US and Canada. In Nigeria, that would be roughly N108,000 Naira.

Via: AndroidPolice

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