How to Pay for Facebook and Instagram Ads in Nigeria

A few months ago, a lady contacted me about how to pay for Facebook and Instagram ads in Nigeria.

Fact is, a lot of Nigerians are quite perplexed by the sheer difficulty in doing this.

I mean, paying for ads on Google for instance is quite simple. You give your card details and after a process that lasts about 30 seconds, you’re staring at the digital equivalent of your hard raw cash in your Google ad account.

But with Facebook and Instagram it’s a different issue entirely.

The issue with Paying for ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Let me put it to you straight: if you’re in Nigeria trying to pay for ads and you go with the “Pay with credit card” option, it’s going to tell you that your card details are wrong (when actually, it’s perfectly correct).

Why does this happen, you might wonder? Is Facebook now claiming to know my own Card details better than me (wonders shall never end 🤨).

Fact is this, Facebook has different regulations and different features for different countries. The exact reason why Nigeria is exempted from paying via credit card is best known to them. They’re not going to tell you or change their minds because of you.

It might even be due to the fault of this present scourge of Yahoo boys in Nigeria. Who knows?

Our own is not to know why, our own is to figure out ways around the inhibitions and unbeknownst to most Nigerians who search for this information, the solution usually stares them right in the face.

If you had the right social media marketing agency, it’s something they’d point out to you Right away. It’s called PayU.

How to pay for Facebook Ads in Nigeria using PayU.

  • First and foremost, sign into your Facebook account.
  • Go to Facebook Ads Manager payment methods page and click on “Add Money“.
  • Select the option “Naira Payment With Mastercard and Visa – PayU”.
  • Enter the amount you want to add to your Facebook ads account (it can even be as low as N200 just in case you want to do a test run). Click “Review Payment”.
  • Click  “Make Payment”.
  • When this page on PayU shows, click “continue“.
  • You’ll be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter the details of your Mastercard or Visa card. Enter the card details and click “Pay”.
  • Choose your OTP recieval method, accept terms and click “Submit”. Enter your otp and click “Submit”.
  • If all goes well, you will see a prompt telling you “your transaction was successful“.

To check your ad account balance, go to the billings section of the Facebook ads manager. Trust me, you’ll see your money there. Don’t worry, Facebook cannot scam you 😂.

How to pay for Instagram Ads in Nigeria using Facebook.

It’s no news that Instagram was purchased by Facebook for about $1 billion years back. Since then in order to properly monetize the image sharing platform, Facebook integrated it with Facebook ads.

This means you can target Instagram as a placement option for your ads right from the Facebook ads dashboard without having to go separately to Instagram to do this.

However, if you want to concentrate on just Instagram (let’s say based on the nature of your target audience and your product), you can do just that.

Now the thing is, you can’t simply run Instagram ads or pay for Instagram ads during your ad setup on Instagram. If you do try to, you’ll see that the system will tell you to choose a Facebook page.

Most people get confused at this juncture. They’re like “See me see trouble o. Shebi no be IG ads I won run? How Facebook page come join the matter now?”

Yes, it has joined the matter.

Why? Because Instagram is now owned by Facebook. The entire ad system is intertwined and interwoven together with dependence on the Mothership that is Facebook.

For you to be able to pay for Instagram ads, you’ll need to first credit the money via Facebook following the instructions above, get a Facebook page identical to the one on Instagram (if you didn’t previously have) and add that page to the Facebook ad account you just added money to.

Next go back to your IG profile:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Account > Linked Accounts, then select Facebook.
  • If you haven’t already, enter your Facebook login information.

By default, your Instagram account will share to your personal Facebook profile. In this case, this isn’t what we want. So to share to a Page instead, tap Share to and choose the relevant Page on Facebook that you manage.

You’re good to run your ads now.


Truth is, not everyone is as technically sound enough to get all this right, even after reading this. So if you think you can’t do it your self, or you can but you don’t necessarily want the stress, then probably consider hiring a top Social Media Marketing company based within Nigeria to do it for you. If not, carry right on and good luck. I hope you learnt a lot today.

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