How to hard reset Infinix Hot S3X (X622)

Sometimes weird things happen to our android phone which may be caused by the way it is used. Don’t blame yourself, there are tons of solutions online which could be followed step-by-step without meeting a phone technician and spending your money.

Today, I will be giving you a mini-guide on how to factory reset Infinix Hot S3X X622.

Have you forgotten your PIN, unlock pattern or your Infinix mobile won’t just boot? Peradventure, your Android is slow and the apps are hanging. No worries, just keep reading. You can flash Infinix phone manually without using a special software installed on a PC by doing a hard reset on the device.

By default, Infinix factory reset option is hidden from users but can to be activated by a combination of keys on the smartphone.

It is worth mentioning that all Infinix phone with the custom XOS software running on-top share the same factory reset method. Whether the XOS family is Chameleon or Hummingbird, it can be hard reset.

Note: Before you perform a hard or factory reset, it is wise to back up your files as they cannot be recovered after the process.

How to manually reset Infinix Hot S3X X622

1. Turn off the device.
2. Press and hold the Power button + the Volume Up button till you feel the phone vibrate and then quickly release your hands from the buttons. You will see the XOS Hummingbird “No command” display on the screen.
3. Hold the Power button again for about 2 seconds and press the Volume Up key to launch the Android Recovery menu.
4. Use the Volume keys (either Up or Down) to select any recovery option you want.
5. In our case, select “Wipe data / factory reset”.

infinix hot s3x android recovery menu
6. Press the Power button to Confirm your selection.
7. Now, scroll to select “Yes

Wait for the data to be wiped completely. Afterwards, select the “Reboot system now”.

infinix hot s3x wiping data and cache

Congratulations, your phone’s factory settings has been successfully restored.

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