Next Big Gadgets is a Nigerian technology news & media network operated by a group of young tech enthusiasts. The blog’s daily coverage includes startups, mobile phones, apps, wearable, social, security and the Internet of Things. The mission of Next Big Gadgets (NBG) is to extensively cover breaking news and reviews without being partial.

Next Big Gadgets was founded on November 12, 2017 and is currently operated from the City of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.



Kachi Ojieh is a Nigerian tech blogger and entrepreneur. Since 2007, growing up as a young man and having an interest in web programming, mobile phones and browsing codes, was an active user and contributor to popular internet forums and micro blogs in Nigeria. Some of them are now defunct while others are still online.

In 2009, he was admitted to the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, to study Computer Science.

Kachi is a lover of C++, his final year project in FUTO was an inventory management software targeting the pharmaceutical industry, fully programmed using Qt and C++.

He graduated with honours in 2014 and moved back to Port Harcourt, Nigeria, to kick off his first startup company, which later launched 3 years after.

After graduation, he took a one-year self-taught class in PHP programming, majorly focusing on PHP Data Objects. He designed and created a forum from the scratch with the knowledge and wealth of experience gained but never hosted it for the world to see.

In October, 2019: Kachi is undergoing an online course on Google Cloud Computing. Learning new technology and keeping up with it has always caught his fancy. He wants to be a certified Google Cloud Associate Engineer.


He is currently studying Political and Administrative Studies. He is hardworking, intelligent and a social guy. He develops marketing strategies and manages the brand social media presence. Charles continues to improve the quality of NBG content found on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram.