Category: Internet of Things

NXP and Baidu announces strategic partnership to secure IoT in China

NXP Semiconductors and Baidu Cloud have announced an important agreement between both parties. They will be working together to promote innovation, support developers, and ecosystem partners in developing secure and smart internet of things applications. As reported by GlobeNewswire, NXP will support Baidu’s smart IoT platform and help in edge computing. NXP Global Senior Vice […]

Alibaba Cloud Plans To Connect 10 Billion Devices By 2023 On Its IoT Network

Alibaba Cloud is the computing unit of Alibaba Group. They have unveiled plans to connect 10 billion devices on its IoT platform in the next five years. This was declared in this year’s Cloud Computing Conference held in Shenzhen precisely March 28, 2018. Remember that in recent months, The Company also announced their partnership with […]

NVIDIA And Arm To Bring Deep Learning To IoT Devices, Aims To Help Chip Companies Integrate AI Into Their Designs

NVIDIA and Arm has announced their partnership to bring deep learning inferencing to the billions of mobile, consumer electronics and Internet of Things devices that will enter the global marketplace. This partnership will see that both corporations combine NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) architecture with Project Trillium for Machine Learning (ML). The aim of the […]

Spark NZ unveils IoT network across New Zealand, 60% of Urban and Rural Regions already covered

Internet of Things (IoT) network has been unveiled by Spark NZ – New Zealand mobile telecommunications organization in an announcement recently made. The network coverage spans across 60% of where citizens reside and work. A report by ZDNet reveals that Spark’s LoRaWAN network has been switched on in places such as “Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, […]