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Google data-saving app Datally has two new features you will like – ‘Bedtime mode’ and ‘Emergency bank’

Not everyone can boldly beat their chest and confess that they have an unlimited data plan on their mobile phone. While most users try their best to make the most out of their data, sometimes, it isn’t just enough and that is why Datally was launched by Google – to help manage mobile data usage. […]

Moving from paper to digital: scan your business cards to contacts with Adobe Scan Android app

How many of you want to continue carrying your business cards about when your smartphone can help out when the opportunity arises. Everything is becoming digital nowadays and business cards are not left out. As more people use mobile phones daily, there is a need to digitize business cards rather than sticking to the old […]

Google brings split-screen view for Android apps on Chromebook, now available in Canary channel

Multitasking & Android apps experience is about to get better as Google recently added split-screen mode to Chrome OS Canary channel. This implies that you can actually use built-in apps side-by-side. First to spot the code change in Chrome OS repository was Chrome Story as they pointed out that the functionality was coming soon. It […]

Everyone is speechless as Telegram & Telegram X messaging apps disappear from App Store (Update: now restored)

UPDATE: Pavel Durov, Telegram founder and CEO used Twitter to give insight why Telegram and Telegram X were removed from App Store. We were alerted by Apple that inappropriate content was made available to our users and both apps were taken off the App Store. Once we have protections in place we expect the apps […]

Opera brings Cryptocurrency mining protection to its mobile browsers, aims to block mining scripts

Many websites online have been using the power of visitors hardware to mine cryptocurrencies which is considered not fair. This is possible by embedding a script into their website and whenever a user browse their site, the script starts making use of their computer processing power. The scripts may not be quickly detected on desktop […]